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Meet Our Team

The team at Miles Development Group is comprised of industry professionals Ann R. Maxwell, Managing Partner; David Julier, Managing Partner; and Ernie Siders, Chief Operating Officer. In addition to these three, Michael Washington of Michael Washington Architects (MWA) and Trevor Blake of Kingston Construction round out the team, operating as separate entities but partnering with us on all of our projects. Each member of our team is committed to our core values of integrity, commitment, focus, creativity, and dedication.

Ann R. Maxwell

Managing Partner

Ann Maxwell has more than 25 years of experience working with for-profit and non-profit housing developers nationwide. She believes that for housing developments to be successful, they must operate as a partnership between residents, management, and owners. Throughout her career, her focus has always been on community and resident relations built on a solid foundation of proper planning and responsible oversight. Success throughout Ms. Maxwell's career has validated this approach and been proven effective in diverse housing populations in multifamily, cooperative, condominium, and single-family housing.

Career Highlights for Ann R. Maxwell

• She led Maxwell and Associates Incorporated, a Boston-based real estate consulting firm
• Senior management positions in public and private sectors
• Executive Director of the Dorchester Area Planning Action Council
• Director of Community Development for the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation
• Senior Training Consultant for the Association of Resident-Controlled Housing
• Development Team Representative for the MassHousing Demonstration Disposition Program
• Mission Main a Hope IV Program Development Team Member

David Julier

Managing Partner

David Julier is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and Navy veteran who brings more than 25 years of experience in facilities, property, and construction management. David offers both national and international experience to the company, including five years as a California real estate broker, construction project manager for US and worldwide projects, contract administrator for oil projects in Alaska, and construction projects in Saudi Arabia. David’s focus at [site-options field=privacy_company_name] is on the integrity and renovation needs of properties, and he understands the delicate balance between strong financial oversight and tenant satisfaction.

Professional Highlights for David Julier

• Licensed Massachusetts construction contractor
• A specialist in rehabbing distressed single-family and multifamily properties
• Owner of a property management company in the Mission Hill area of Boston focused on student housing
• Property management for profit and non-profit businesses
• Knowledgeable of the many low-income housing subsidy programs

Ernie Siders

Chief Operating Officer

Ernie Siders is a graduate of Pace College, where he majored in Accounting and Finance. He holds an MBA from Suffolk University, Graduate School of Administration, and advanced studies in finance from New York University. His background is in finance and banking, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with State Street and Trust Company, managing mutual and pension funds. Before joining the team, Mr. Siders and Ms. Maxwell worked on numerous projects together in business planning, organization, and operational procedures.

Career Highlights and Associations for Ernie Siders

• Principal and founder of Siders Equity Partners
• Founder of tax advisory service, TaxKings
• Board of directors and investment committee for Massachusetts Venture Capital Corporation
• Served as an adjunct professor of Banking and Economics at Simmons College
• Served as an adjunct professor of Economics and Management at Lesley University
• Previous banking positions include Bank of Boston, Unity Bank, Bankers Trust Company, and Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company

Successful Partnerships Throughout the Years

Ann Maxwell and David Julier have worked in collaboration on many projects over the past twenty years. Their initial joint endeavors were repositioning a financially and physically distressed multifamily cooperative to financial health and the complete exterior rehab of a twenty-four-unit distressed limited equity condominium. Their successful partnership was built on their respective records of achievement, proven technical proficiency, and a solid reputation for quality work. They both have a strong background and years of experience working with property management, finance, and the rehabilitation of multifamily properties. Their shared interest in the field, dedication to providing high-quality service, and experience working together on successful projects led to the formation of Miles Development Group.

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